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Lupolux demoLupolux is a long-established Italian manufacturer of photographic and studio equipment. In the 90s, they produced lighting products such as artificial light Fresnel spotlights.

Today, the rave is all about Lupolux LED Fresnel lights that is specially designed for photography, videography, studio and stage applications. Lupolux lights are low in power consumption and high in efficiency.

Remember how tungsten fixtures can become dangerously hot? These Lupolux LED lights do not heat up and is very stable. Most importantly, it has an extremely high standard of CRI.

Lupolux LED studio lighting has an instant start capability and are fully DMX controllable, making it extremely flexible and easy to integrate with existing studio, stage or theatre lighting control systems. Each light is fitted with a beautiful Fresnel lens for wide spot and flood range control and lightweight metal barn doors.

These Lupolux fixtures are deployed in the new Fox Sports Asia studio in Singapore too! Drop us a mail if you'd like a non-obligatory demo on these lightings.

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Fuss-free Face-lift for a Corporate Office’s Reception Area


Large format multitouch screens are a great way to leave a positive impression with visitors to your office. With the right design theme and colour scheme, it may well be the least hassle to give your reception area a face-lift.

Recently, our client was looking to improve the reception area of their corporate office. They wanted to use charts, maps and other collaterals to present corporate information, their company’s profile, achievements, global offices and projects. They liked the idea of presenting all that material on a nice, crisp looking display. Simply being able to touch, interact and call out the information needed made it all so cool, leaving a great impression and feeling for all present in a meeting. Our client was keen on using the iPad but alas, it was too small to meet their needs.

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