Why Clients Choose Us

why client choose

We are a one-stop leading provider of digital media solutions.

We offer products and services in:

  1. Acquisition and Production
  2. Broadcast and Production
  3. Media Storage and Archiving
  4. Multitouch and Commercial Displays

We provide innovative solutions in the acquisition, production, transmission and reproduction of audio and video programmes for our customers. We are very customer focused, always going the extra mile to meet or exceed our customers’ technical requirements, budget constraints as well as deriving optimum value in our solutions and products. 

We are the exclusive distributor and authorized dealer of renowned brands.

We are the exclusive distributor for Cache-A and ikan in SE Asia and India, NextWindow in SE Asia, NextoDI* in Singapore and Malaysia as well as Hi-5 Multitouch™. We are also the authorized dealer of products by Blackmagic Design, Broadcast Pix, CatDV, DTS, EditShare, LiveU, Matrox, Nila, Panasonic, Pixavi, Sachtler, ToolsOnAir and Visual Planet.

*We are the non-exclusive distributor of NextoDI in Indonesia and India. 

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Our products are unique.

Our in-house brand Hi-5 Multitouch™ showcases our specialty in interactive displays. Hi-5 Multitouch™ has been developed using large format display systems incorporating the latest state of the art optical, infrared, capacitive and gesture based multitouch technologies.

Our touch screen products converts any digital display from 42″ to 350″ into true multitouch screens, ideal for education, digital signage, information kiosks and directory way finders, just to name a few. 

In May 2013, we launched our interactive window display prototype product along with Panasonic’s latest Solid State Illumination (SSI) laser projector products in Singapore. We have a provisional patent application for this interactive window display technology.

We offer solutions to your problems.  

Our competitive advantage is in our ability to accurately identify our customers’ current and future needs as well as meeting or exceeding these needs. We have a unique approach to solving problems — always going back to the basic principles, keeping it simple and relying on cutting-edge technologies for efficiency. What we are offering is not available anywhere else in the market.

Our target customers comprise the broadcast industry, government, education sector, production houses and studios, houses of worship as well as commercial property developers and owners. 

We have a team of passionate and dedicated staff. 

Our team members are not only very savvy with new media technology, but also highly dependable, honest and reliable. Deriving immense satisfaction from solving our customers’ problems, we are organized, precise, professional and care deeply about our work!

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