LiveU LU200


The LiveU LU200 is a miniaturized version of the award-winning wireless video transmission backpacks from LiveU. The LiveU LU200 comes in an ultra-compact form factor, weighing-in at just a little over 500g, making it ideal for use in a small pouch or hot-shoe mounted on professional camcorders, ready for action!

LiveU LU200 Camera-Mount-web

Designed and built with industrial-strength LiveU technology and proprietary antenna modules, the LiveU LU200 supports 2 modems (4G LTE/3G) together with Wi-FI and LAN connections, assuring reliable performance even in challenging cellular network conditions.

Operating as a video encoder, the LiveU LU200 has the same level of satellite integration as the flag-ship LiveU LU500, even serve as a LiveU Data Bridge mobile hotspot, catering to any IP applications in the field. Units can be managed locally using an easy-to-use built-in user interface or remotely, from any PC, via Live-U Central, the unified management system for Live U’s field video transmission units. Industrial-strength wireless video transmission in a super compact package!

The LiveU LU200 is competitively priced for non-broadcast uses such as new media, education & enterprise applications.

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View product brochure here: LiveU LU200

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