LiveU LU500


The LiveU LU500 is the latest portable wireless video transmission system in a compact backpack weighing just 1 kg!

Powered by LiveU’s new multi-processor video encoding engine, fourth-generation proprietary bonding algorithms and Live-U’s proprietary internal antenna that optimizes whatever bandwidth available on location to deliver broadcast-quality live HD video for breaking news, sports and events coverage, on-the-move and in fixed locations.

LiveU LU500

LU500 is LiveU’s latest flagship model that supports up to 14 network links; including 8 x integrated 4G LTE / 3G cellular or WiMAX modems, internal Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports and 2 Ethernet ports. Designed and built with the newscaster and extreme video journalist in mind, the LiveU LU500 comes in a compact package with fast end-to-end boot-up time of less than one minute and has flexible power options with Anton Bauer, V-Lock, PAG, and LiveU’s internal swappable batteries. It can be controlled by a single operator using a touch-screen interface or remotely from any PC through the LiveU Central management platform.

Besides having direct camera connectivity, the LiveU LU500 backpack supports also inputs from various switching devices and field editing device which allows multi-camera production and real time editing. When facing locations with limited cellular network coverage such as crowded public venues, events or other extreme scenarios, consider pairing the LiveU LU500 with the optional LiveU Xtender, a portable antenna supporting up to another 6 network links. To further enhance connectivity speed, bandwidth and resiliency, the Xtender may be placed in locations with better cellular network coverage up to 300 metres away from the video transmission backpack.

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