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Having a challenge or needing some help in the field of professional video and broadcast? At Media Architects, we have the solutions just for you!

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Supplying equipment to the professional video and broadcast industry
  • Supplying broadcast grade video acquisition equipment to other industries
  • Live integrated production systems for broadcast and professional applications
  • Advanced interactive out-of-home advertising solutions
  • Consultancy and building video and audio studios
  • Collaborative workflow and shared video storage solutions for post-production

We have been servicing clients from educational centres, government agencies, houses of worship, production studios and broadcasters, just to name a few. 

Here is a recent story of one of our completed projects: 

our-services02Fuss-free Face-lift for a Corporate Office’s Reception Area

Large format multitouch screens are a great way to leave a positive impression with visitors to your office. With the right design theme and colour scheme, it may well be the least hassle to give your reception area a face-lift.

Recently, our client was looking to improve the reception area of their corporate office. They wanted to use charts, maps and other collaterals to present corporate information, their company’s profile, achievements, global offices and projects. They liked the idea of presenting all that material on a nice, crisp looking display. Simply being able to touch, interact and call out the information needed made it all so cool, leaving a great impression and feeling for all present in a meeting. Our client was keen on using the iPad but alas, it was too small to meet their needs.

Based on our client’s requirements, we created a concept and treatment, followed by an interactive storyboard to show how they could present their corporate information to their visitors in an interactive manner via a touch screen. It also provided a platform for self-access information kiosk catering to visitors waiting at the reception area.

Our design included the iPhone style carousel and swipe gestures as the user interface. This worked out very well for our client. As their growth was so dynamic, data and statistics such as trade volumes, movements, achievements and new global offices required monthly updates. To fulfil this need, we came up with the idea of incorporating a database, smart codes and server software.

We integrated the existing interactive touchscreen with a Content Management System (CMS) which is a database at the back end yet simple and user-friendly at the front end for our client’s staff to update the content as and when required. CMS allows the display of their business statistics, awards, even a world map that showcases their global offices as they are deployed. Images and videos can also be constantly updated, thereby giving the reception area not only a tech savvy impression to visitors, but also up-to-date content and business metrics.

We continue to service this client by way of content services, software and hardware maintenance. With our client’s need, we now have a user-friendly composer software that requires no codes to create stunning interactive content for our touchscreen solutions.

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