Panopto​ Singapore

is an easy-to-use integrated online education video platform for capturing, sharing and managing learning videos using an intuitive folder-based approach combined with powerful keyword search and many other features for an enhanced learning experience.

With an active subscription, you can deploy as many Panopto Recorder Stations as you need. Each Recorder may be set up to capture multiple camera sources, whether Professional HDSDI or Web cameras, the presenter’s PC screen, one audio feed (typically from the lecturer’s microphone) and combine everything simultaneously into a single recording. 


View Anywhere, Anytime … even on a Mobile Device

Panopto is available as a cloud -service, or on-premise server. Viewing is easily done onany PC or mobile device connected to the internet though any web browser, with full privacy using login credentials and permissions to control access rights of viewers. Learning content is secure and kept proprietary to the institution’s staff and students, while allowing convenience and flexibility to the viewer.


Live Stream Lectures and Events… as They Happen

Panopto enables live webcasting for every recording session. Viewers can catch a live lecture or event from a remote location and can even participate by entering discussion notes or questions. Panopto’s “virtual DVR” feature allows viewers to catch a webcast session from the beginning, or to pause viewing and resume again later. Students or staff can virtually attend lectures or events from anywhere.



Other powerful features:

  • I n-video search
  • Powerpoint text grabbing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). 
  • APIs for integration with many Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn , among others.
  • SSO or Single Sign-On 

Media Architects is the Exclusive Distributor of Panopto in Singapore