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explosion proof cameras
Bartec Pixavi is the leading designer and manufacturer of Intrinsically Safe and ATA Ex certified explosion proof cameras, wireless video conferencing and wireless network products. 
Bartec Pixavi offers a range of Ex-certified products that are designed specifically for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous environments such as oil and gas facilities, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, among others. 
Award-winning Pixavi products are used across the world in Oil and Gas industries, Manufacturing, Energy, Shipping, Surveillance, Telemedicine, Homeland Security, Enforcement, Firefighting, Peacekeeping, Journalism and Architecture.

Xcorder EX4000 The Pixavi Xcorder EX4000 is the most widely used explosion-proof camera in Oil and Gas, and Petrol-Chemical plants. Certified for use in hazardous Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, it features high end optics and high resolution CMOS sensor electronics. With Wi-Fi support, this device allows you to store images to network servers in real time for viewing and archiving.
Xcaster EX5000 The Pixavi Xcaster EX5000 has the same camera functions as the EX4000, plus wireless telepresence features. This model enables onsite technicians or personnel to communicate with technical specialists and engineers remotely using compatible Pixavi mobile devices or standard video conferencing systems. Just connect the unit to the Internet, via a Wi-Fi access point, and start dialling to the recipient who is also connected to the Internet! This arrangement not only saves travel time and costs, but more importantly, onsite personnel is now has direct access to the right personnel and resources to make well-informed decisions that could potentially avoid costly downtime, life threatening accidents or even disasters from happening!
EX6000 How about re-using your existing pan-tilt or remote cameras integrated to the Pixavi telepresence eco-system? Simply connect your existing camera (specify SDI or Composite outputs when ordering) to a Pixavi XCore EX6000 Codec. The Pixavi XCore EX6000 has all the essential features of the EX5000 but without the camera lens.
EX3500 For hands-free operations, check out the Visiwear EX3500; Pixavi’s answer for a wearable wireless telepresence solution. Ergonomically designed and lightweight, it is really a Pixavi XCore EX6000 codec paired with a suitable EX certified external digital camera, such as the Pixavi EX-CAM or Xcam HD.


With the exception of the EX4000, Pixavi has a complete range of wireless communicators and codecs that are built to Intrinsically Safe standards

Media Architects Pte Ltd is the authorised dealer for Pixavi for more than 5 years. Our clients include esteemed establishments from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar and the Middle East. For more information on Pixavi, contact us today.
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