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Lupolux is a long-established Italian manufacturer of photographic and studio equipment. Founded in 1932, it became well known for their studio cameras for portraiture and enlargers for the dark room.  In the nineties, they produced new lighting products, including daylight and artificial light Fresnel spotlights.

Today, the rave is all about Lupolux LED Fresnel lights that is specially designed for photography, videography, studio and stage applications. Based on the latest generation high quality powerLED array technology, Lupolux lights are lower in power consumption, higher in efficiency, virtually no heat, absolute stability and most importantly, extremely high standard of Colour Rendering Index (CRI).

Lupolux LED studio lighting has an instant start capability and are fully DMX controllable, making it extremely flexible and easy to integrate with existing studio, stage or theatre lighting control systems. Each light is fitted with a beautiful Fresnel lens for wide spot and flood range control and lightweight metal barn doors.

Made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, they are lightweight, sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Its high efficiency also makes it well suited to run on broadcast industry standard 14.8V battery power, ideal for professional wedding, portrait or commercial photographers alike.

The LED bulbs fitted into the DayLED lights are much more reliable than glass bulbs and have a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours, so you will never have to worry about having to replace them.

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