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Ever wondered how the television newscaster is able to present the news so naturally and fluently for ten to twelve minutes at a stretch? This is all made possible with the invention better known as the teleprompter or autocue.

The studio prompter utilizes a beam-splitter glass placed at an angle in front of the camera lens, and directly above an upward facing CRT or LCD display. This allows the presenter to face the camera directly “through-the-glass”, hence the terminology. The arrangement of a black shroud and hood covering the rear of the beam-splitter glass and camera lens assembly makes the reflected text more visible and easy to read. Functions like start, stop and scroll rate can be controlled using a remote hand or foot controller.

We supply a wide range of affordable ‘Above-the-Lens’, ‘Through-the-Glass’, iPad, Stage Prompters and Person-to-Person Interview Teleprompters to customers throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

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