Panasonic professional video camera

Looking for professional video cameras or equipment? Panasonic is the leading manufacturer of broadcast performance video equipment to support your production needs. Do you need the AVCCAM series, P2HD series, 4K series or Remote Cameras?


Panasonic’s AVCCAM series offers value for money high definition (HD) camera and recorder product without the constraints of the tape-based, MPEG-2 HDV systems. The AVCCAM uses the affordable, reusable, widely accessible SD cards as your digital still camera and still produces superior quality recordings. The benefit – Edit easily. SD cards can be inserted directly into your PC hence not wasting the effort to purchase another deck or fast-forwarding, rewinding & digitizing the video. The AVCCAM is very reliable for professional video applications and it is resistant to wear and tear as the recording media will be in solid state. As your video recordings are saved as individual files rather than tapes, they will be transferred to easily and played on your PC.

panasonic professional video camera

The higher end P2 HD series of camcorders offers exceptional quality HD recording and advantages over video-tape, disk-based and optical-based systems. With the AVC Intra codec, the P2 HD achieves high quality pictures and extended recording. The P2 HD’s networking functions allows you to link it with smartphones and tablets devices for direct connection. Utilising a file-based IT work flow, the P2 HD provides high-speed transfer to editing, searching and archiving. It’s ultra-reliable even in harsh conditions of temperature changes, shock and vibration.

Appointed as Panasonic partners, we incorporate these products in our solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs and requirements. From the AVCCAM series, P2HD series, remote cameras to the latest 4k technology, Panasonic offers a wide range of professional video cameras for ENG (Electronic News-Gathering) application, EFP (Electronic Field Production) application and also studio application.

Media Architects is the official partner for Panasonic professional video cameras and other products such as projectors and switchers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India & the rest of Southeast Asia. To find out how you can integrate Panasonic cameras & other ranges of product in your establishment, contact us via the enquiry form below today.

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