editshareCollaboration on projects is made easy with media management solutions from EditShare. Ranging from media management, ingest and playout, scalable media sharing to backup and archiving, some of these innovative products include EditShare Storage, Flow and Ark series.

EditShare Storage series are optimized for video workflows where you can share both media and projects for post-production. Regardless of application or platform — Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Lightworks or another NLE application — you get to enjoy high performance including power-packed collaboration tools from EditShare.

msa-editshare01Two popular lines under EditShare Storage include Xstream and Energy. The highest performing and most scalable solution, Xstream is designed to support any workflow with almost limitless scalability for both user numbers and storage size. It is suitable for creative workgroups with many simultaneous users that require real-time edit-in-place or true collaborative access to high-resolution video files and data. Using PCI-e expansion which supports 10 additional expansion units (each having its own RAID card), XStream allows you to expand your storage and enjoy a linear increase in performance.The Energy series offers you high performance, cost effectiveness and scalability. Using SAS expansion, it supports adding one additional 16-drive unit to any Energy server. To boost overall performance, the additional drives are attached to the primary RAID controller. Fully integrated with Flow, Storage and Ark, both Xstream and Energy deliver a complete end-to-end media sharing workflow.

Adding efficiency and enhancing productivity is the aim of Flow production media management. Ideal for the broadcast media and entertainment industry, Flow brings together media content from EditShare and other known sources so that people collaborating on the project can start from ingesting to making the final delivery. Flow provides you with many options — from ingesting media from SDI or file-based sources, scanning existing media files on your shared storage, generating proxy files, viewing, logging as well as tagging your assets which you can search Flow’s powerful database to find when you need it.

Backup and archiving are critical to your projects and the Ark series provides you with disk-based or tape-based solutions. Ark integrates seamlessly with EditShare storage and Flow media asset management. In a crisis situation such as fire, water damage, theft or hardware failure, where the main EditShare storage is unavailable, the disk-based storage can be “activated” and used to complete mission critical work while the primary storage is being repaired.

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