Broadcast Pix

broadcast-pixBroadcast Pix is the leading provider of integrated live video production systems. Utilizing unique and patented production solutions to ingest almost any form of content — from video and audio, data, or social media to delivery on air/the Internet, Broadcast Pix systems have end-to-end production integration. 

The latest product Broadcast Pix offers is the Flint — an all-in-a-box TV studio at an affordable cost. The Flint is a live video production system that integrates the whole production workflow, from ingest to distribution. It has the ability to integrate camera source with files and cloud-based content such as Skype, Twitter, Dropbox and Google drive on ingest as well as offer output as a stream or video format, or to make a real-time recording. Flint supports up to 6 cameras and 8 channels of clips and graphics.

bp-broadpix01Compact and ergonomically designed, Slate is one of the first live production systems that offers 2 mix/effects (M/E). It includes a switcher, integrated Inscriber character generator (CG), still stores, full motion, multi-view monitoring and aspect ratio treatment. Slate lets one operator handle complex graphics, animations, clips and effects as well as control robotic cameras, audio mixers and video servers.

A mid-sized HD/SD video production system, Mica is a single 4RU box that offers excellent control and value. Mica includes a multi-definition switcher that can mix 8 HD/SD-SDI inputs with 7 channels of internal clips, animations and graphics. It supports up to 6 key layers and DVEs, 6 HD/SD-SDI outputs and 2 DVI outputs. In addition, Mica includes a 30-hour clip store and a Harris CG.

A premium range of integrated production system, Granite provides the highest input-output (I/O) capacity, most redundant construction and most options. Comprising a Granite switcher and a Granite server inside each Granite system, the switcher has 11 or 22 HD/SD SDI inputs and 7 channels of file-based inputs from the server. In addition, the switcher has 6 key layers for compositing. Holding up to 180 hours of clips including graphics, the server has access to cloud-based content. Granite includes the standard redundant power and switching as well as options such as 2 M/E control, quad monitor Fluent-Views, and extended clip storage and redundancy. It also has a good variety of control surface options and panels.

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