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LiveU LU200

Not too long ago, satellite and microwave systems were the primary means for broadcasters in the field to uplink and contribute breaking news, simulcast events, or live sporting events to the broadcast station.

While these platforms have many merits, the systems are usually part of a larger system or infrastructure, equipment can be bulky and require trained operators. The cost of booking satellite transponder space may be beyond the reach of many organisations.

With the emergence of multi screen programming, the demand for live and up-to-the minute reporting is ever increasing. Thanks to the rapidly advancing cellular technologies, it is now possible to transmit live video over cellular network from remote locations, even on-the-go using 3G video uplink transmitters, streaming live videos from virtually anywhere in the world, across the internet and back to the broadcast centre. While there are limitations of signal strength, hence bandwidth fluctuation in single 3G or 4G mobile video uplinks, this can now be overcome by bonding modems together with powerful RF technology that automatically senses wireless networks in its proximity, then splits the video stream among those channels at the same time, transmitting video over cellular networks to the IP-based downlink facility.

LiveU LU40 with hand video over cellular network

LiveU 3G live video transmitters are integrated with robust antenna arrays, making it possible even to transmit videos from isolated areas with inadequate cellular network coverage, such as in tunnels or underground train stations. This resilient profile even allows live reporting even from moving vehicles with low latency. 

lu500 in bag

LiveU is the leading brand in portable live video acquisition, contribution and management solutions. LiveU’s award winning technology allows live video transmission from any location round the world. With top-tier customers in 60+ countries, LiveU’s solutions are continually used for breaking news and high-pro LE events, such as the Sochi Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup™, U.S. Presidential Campaign, London 2012 Olympic Games, Hurricane Sandy, Super Bowl and U.S. Collegiate Championships.

From backpacks to smartphones, LiveU offers a wide range of devices for live video coverage. LiveU’s solutions like the multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, WiMAX and Wi-Fi cellular links, are optimized for max video quality depending on the available network conditions. LiveU patented & developed the technology – cellular bonding for remote news gathering within the U.S. and many other countries.

An authorized dealer for LiveU in Singapore, we also provide rental and leasing for selected models. To find out more about LiveU’s solutions and other wireless video transmission devices, contact us today via the enquiry form below.

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