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Cerevo LiveWedge

livewedge copy What is Cerevo LiveWedge? Cerevo LiveWedge is a live HD video switcher that can mix up to 4 HD video inputs with a HDMI output & SD card slot. You can choose whether to use the HDMI output or save the clip to the SD card (*not available yet, available on future software upgrade) There is also an additional dedicated HDMI-out for preview. ipadapp2 You can control it by using the LiveWedge iPad app which provides easy control and all features, or on the unit itself, albeit with less controls. The rotary control unique to the tablet application enables slow transitions which is more difficult with the physical buttons. A typical live video workflow will involve having to mix several video sources, then output the end result to a HD stream or a flash storage device. The LiveWedge is a very affordable video switching and streaming solution. With the Ethernet port at the back, it can be easily connected to the Internet and an account from YouTube, LiveStream or Ustream (720p). Switching Effects livewedge ipad app demo switching effect 2 FTB – Fade to Black Pinp – Picture in Picture CHR – Chroma Key LiveWedge comes with features such as Picture-in-Picture (PinP) and Chroma Key as well as basic transitions (wipe, fade, cut, etc.) It is also capable of changing the background or sub display independently while doing PinP. Recording Function With a built in SD card slot, users can record 1080/30p (H.264) Full HD Video while switching! You can also use videos and images from the SD card as the video source. * Recording function will only be available in the future by updating the firmware. Live Streaming LiveWedge is capable of streaming to Ustream, YouTube, Livestream and even to your own servers. 720/30p HD Live streaming & 1080p HD video switching can be done all using one device! livewedge backview 4 Video Inputs and 5 Audio Inputs In addition to 4 HDMI inputs, the Cerevo LiveWedge also supports audio mixing via a built-in audio mixer included in the iPad app. An AUX-IN port and 4 HDMI inputs are available, enabling a total of 5 mixable audio inputs! Click here for technical specifications: LiveWedge
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